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This project was designed to complete an area of ground that already had an art installation. Funding was secured from SHIRE grants for 50% of the costs with the Parish Council providing the rest.

The mosaic illustrates the story of a magical silver tree that stood on the edge of the village and grew toffee apples.  When a shop keeper moved into the village, he put a fence around the tree and with no visits from the children to pick them, the tree died.  The children climbed over the fence and buried their old toffee apple wrappers into the roots and cried many tears.  Suddenly, the tree started to grow again and produce toffee apples making the children very happy.

From the outset of this idea, it was obvious that children needed to be involved in the project. The simple design contains lollipops made by 20 children at an after school club in the village.  

The container for the mosaic is made from local granite to match the nearby church.   The Granite was donated by Bardon Aggregates.  It was built by Thringstone builder Mick Simm.

Llynda Baugh, the Community Engagement Officer designed and made the mosaic with the children and it was unveiled ion 26th October 2014 to coincide with Apple Day.