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Crossroad Currents

Not just news but everything that is current.

Email John: with updates.

If you have any ideas about how to help with the campaign to stop the County Council increasing the traffic through Hugglescote Crossroads, do feel fee to go ahead with them.  Everyone can speak and everyone can take action.  It is a good idea to join the discussions on line, come to meetings and follow Crossroad Currents so that you know what people are doing and it is up to you to decide what you want to say or do.  If you want some help or support you can contact any of the people on this page or use Facebook or Streetlife (see just below).

It can be a good idea to join the discussions on line, come to meetings and follow Crossroad Currents so that you know what people are doing and it is up to you to decide what you want to say or do.  There is no “them” to do things, it is up to us.

If you want to join in with any of the groups here, get in touch with the contact person or come along to meetings.  If you have any other ideas, let us know.  If you let John know he can add it to this page.

There is a Save Hugglescote community centre Facebook page here.  You can also discuss issues on


There is a summary of the proposals and issues  here.  Have a look and make sure that your points of view or issues are included.


The petition has now closed and has been delivered.  We had 1135 signatures, 710 on line and 425 on paper, thanks to everyone who contributed.  See below for what happens next.

The signs can be taken in for now ready to bring them out at the end of the month.    We have more signs available, if you have anywhere you can put one up that is visible from the road, please enquire at the Community Centre.  There are also plenty of stickers and information about the proposals at the Community Centre.

Dates for your diary

Thursday 8th October 7:30pm at the Community Centre, CRAG meeting.

Do come along with your ideas for a big day of action on November 1st.

Sunday 1st November, Big day of action.

All sorts of actions to demonstrate to the county councillors the strength of opinion in Hugglescote and the trouble they will encouter if they try to alter the crossroads.  If you have any ideas about how to make a big splash or what you might do if they try anything, let us know, just organise it or both.

Thursday 5th November 2pm at County Hall, County Council Environment and Transport Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

This committee will make recommendations to the County Council Cabinet.  The agenda will be displayed in the week before the meeting at .  You can register to receive an email alert when the agenda is published.

You can attend this meetings and it will be broadcast live online, go to .  If you want to lobby the members of this committee their details are at .

Wednesday 18th November 2pm at County Hall, County Council Cabinet

This meeting will decide on the next steps with regards to the crossroads.  The agenda and other information can be found in a similar way to the above meeting.

For everyone - Action

Keep up the pressure on the LCC

The Leicestershire County Council is not currently carrying out any relevant public consultations.  However, you can still contact councillors, particularly the members of the committees as noted in the meeting information above.

Put posters up (available from the Community Centre)

Write to the papers

Write to your MP, County Councillor. District Councillor.


Ian Abbott:

Fund Raising

The fund raising day on 31st May raised over £600 as well as being great fun.  Many thanks to everyone who helped out and contributed as well as those who took part.  This means that we have funds to pay for the poster boards that will be put up and other items of pulicity

Direct Action Group

Contact: Elspeth Myles

Exploring effective and legal direct action we could take.

Direct action

Direct Action is doing something actively to promote our cause.  The action could be illegal, like sitting down in the road or in front of bulldozers, but there are plenty of opportunities for legal action.  These could include actions that are legal now, like linking arms around the community centre, that show what we would do if anyone tried to demolish it.  There is also a whole range of demonstrations and marches that we could put on.

If anyone has any ideas for actions that they would want to organise or take part in, they are encouraged to let people know, come along to group or CRAG meetings, call for support on Facebook or just do it!  We are hoping that plenty of people interested in direct action will be at the meeting on Thursday 8th October with their ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

Heritage Group

Leader: Jill Springthorpe.

Exploring the possibility of getting Listed Status on the Community Centre

The Plaque application was not successful however there may be a different Plaque in the process.

Grade 2 Listed status has been turned down by English Heritage.  We are wondering whether to take this further.

County Questions Group

Contact: Elspeth Myles

This group has completed its task of putting together a list of Questions for the group and for all of us to ask at the consultation

Technical Group

Nick Wilkins

The group has obtained a professional analysis of the County data.  Money for this was donated by 2 group members leaving the £255 from an earlier meeting collection to go towards something else.  The report is being broken down into ordinary English and will be shared when this is complete.  It has some interesting angles on things and is generally supportive of our understanding of the situation.  The report can be downloaded from here.

A professional survey has now been carried out to check on how much traffic is using the route through Hugglescote as a bypass to avoid the A511.  This has demonstrated that a significant proportion of the vehicles using the crossroads are indeed “rat runners” avoiding the A511.  The above report has been revised to include the results of the survey.

The reports have been submitted to the County Council.

Centre Benefits

Wendy Robinson


Will Jennings

Multiple ideas to spread the word and generate publicity

Press releases are being sent out to get coverage of our activities on 6th July.

There are now lots of posters available if you don’t have one you can get them from the Community Centre.

Action: Letter writers wanted.

Property Owners

Chris Southwood

Further legal advice and sharing of action plans has taken place.  The Group is confident that they are doing all that they can at the moment.  Next steps come after the LCC have made a next stage decision.

The group are aware of property owners who are affected who have not contacted this group.  If you are a property owner (or you know one) and you are not in contact with the group please make contact.  One thing that is certain is that all together you are stronger than apart.